Glenpool Conference Center

This cooperative project between public and private entities complete with a central lake and cascading waterfalls exemplifies public investment fostering private development.

Created plan to unify city offices, conference center, and future hotel sites around a shared lake.

The City of Glenpool envisioned a scenic setting for new city offices, a convention center, and a pair of soon to be built hotels. Howell & Vancuren teamed with the architectural consultant and City of Glenpool officials to capture a shared vision, resulting in a unique blend of public and private facilities.

A stormwater detention facility was required as a part of the project and this feature was shaped and reimagined to become the central focal element of the development. Not only providing the required stormwater storage, the resulting lake provided the opportunity of incorporating eye-catching waterfalls and fountains.

As a way to engage with and activate the lake and water features, several key features were located around the property’s perimeter - an amphitheater overlooking the water, outdoor fireplaces, a floating dock, and a lighted walking trail loop. All of these amenities are open for use by the public and by each entity of the shared campus.

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