The University of Tulsa

Serving The University of Tulsa as the primary landscape architect for over 25 years, has afforded Howell & Vancuren with the opportunity to impact the majority of the 135-acre campus.

Howell & Vancuren has been instrumental in the development of The University of Tulsa campus through the development of the landscape master plan, campus landscape standards, and producing design and construction documents for dozens of campus. 

Accomplishing the Campus Landscape Master Plan prior to the push to expand and improve the campus allowed the university to develop in a comprehensive and planned way. Standards for walkway materials, widths and locations, lighting styles and spacing, and a consistent planting concept has created a beautiful, cohesive, and understandable campus projects. 

Several ambutious projects were accomplished during the campus expansion, and yielded stunning results. These projects included: Donald W. Reynolds Arena, McFarlin Commons, Chapman Commons, Lorton Performing Arts Center, and Hardesty Hall to name a few. In total, projects have impacted the entire 135-acre campus and have included three water features, more than 380,000 square feet of special paving, and 3,440 large caliper trees of 82 varieties, along with accompanying turf, irrigation and other landscape features. 

The beautification of the campus continues today, with Howell & Vacuren acting as the on-call landscape architecture consultant and overseeing the annual tree planting programs. 

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