Vintage Gardens – Tulsa Historic Society

Tulsa artifacts, world-class sculptures, meandering pathways, and drifts of flowering plants are all on display at this outdoor museum.

Designed 3.5-acres site as display gardens and open-air museum to exhibit historic Tulsa artifacts.

Sitting on a 3.5-acres site on the Tulsa Historical Society property and adjoining the Tulsa Garden Center, Rose Garden, and Woodward Park, the Vintage Gardens welcomes visitors to the Tulsa Historic Society. The museum houses eight rotating exhibit galleries featuring stories from Tulsa’s past. While the architecture of the mansion is exemplary, the museum is greatly enhanced by the surrounding Vintage Gardens including the stunning Five Moons sculptures.

The Historical Society had acquired a number of artifacts over the years from Tulsa’s rich architectural heritage and the new garden provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase these treasures in a landscaped setting with universal access for visitors.

Since the Five Moons sculpture would be the crown jewel of the Vintage Gardens, special siting considerations were critical. The site had a significant slope leading up to the museum from the main road, which was used as an advantage. By siting the sculpture at the lower end of the slope, adjoining a major street, Peoria Avenue, the Five Moons have their deserved prominence. To provide access to the centerpiece Five Moons sculptures, as well as other exhibits, meandering walkways with plentiful seating were incorporated.

Another challenge dealt with discouraging vandalism, which was solved by adding motion sensor activated lighting. Howell & Vancuren has served in an ongoing role by providing consultation regarding various garden improvements and maintenance practices.

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