The University of Tulsa

Project Summary
  • Have served as the University’s primary landscape architect for more than 20 years.
  • Developed Campus Landscape Master Plan and Design Guideline Standards for landscape, site and building design.
  • Major projects have included: Chapman Commons; Thomas Plaza; H.A. Chapman Stadium; Reynolds Center Arena; Lorton Performance Center; Case Tennis Center; Collins Fitness Center; Samson Plaza; McFarlin Library; Helmerich Hall; four student residential projects; along with several segments of the pedestrian and vehicular service access system developed originally as a part of the Campus Landscape Master Plan.
  • Projects have covered approximately 135 acres and have included two water features, more than 380,000 SF of special paving and 3,440 large caliper trees of 82 varieties, along with accompanying turf, irrigation and other landscape features.