Southern Hills Country Club

Project Summary
  • Member of the 2007 design team for the clubhouse renovation completed prior to U.S. Open Golf Tournament.
  • Provided site design, planting and irrigation design services.
  • Revised entry drive alignment to permit construction without construction of a large retaining wall at the upper pond.
  • Revised parking lot design to complement the entry drive.
  • Provided drawings to relocate the first tee, the cart path and turnhouse to improve functionality.
  • Designed several outdoor spaces, including: the outdoor dining terrace; the member’s drop-off; and the children’s playground.
  • Continue to provide services for projects around the site. A planting design was recently completed that provided screening between the maintenance area and the golf course.
  • In 2012, the first tee was again relocated to provide greater length on the drive. Services provided included relocation and improvement of the walkway to the dining terrace, and revision of the layout of the cart parking area.