Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Project Summary
  • Moshe Safdie Architects designed this high-profile museum located in the beautiful Boston Mountains of northwest Arkansas.
  • Plant materials were largely selected from a palette of native and indigenous species.
  • Woodland groundcovers extend beyond the limits of the existing tree line to enhance the transition between the new plantings and existing wooded hillside.
  • The irrigation system uses site run-off and two on-site wells collected in one of the constructed lakes.
  • Extensive use of drip irrigation and a powerful weather station improve the efficiency of the irrigation system.
  • Town Branch Creek was diverted underground during the entire construction process, then reconstructed after the buildings were complete.
  • Much of the valley bottom was used for construction and staging during the erection of the buildings. It was then converted to lakes and park-like settings upon completion of the buildings.
  • Walkways serve a dual purpose of providing pedestrian and maintenance access throughout the site.
  • Settings were provided around the site, for sculptures by world-renowned artists like Roxy Paine and Mark di Suvero.