Outdoor Spaces for Life

Since 1992, Howell & Vancuren has created outdoor spaces that are equal parts picturesque and purposeful.

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  • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

    Tucked away in the hills of Arkansas, this project provided the opportunity to make a smooth transition from manmade to natural landscape.

  • Southern Hills Country Club

    When the PGA Championship came to Tulsa in 2007, Howell & Vancuren ensured this historic golf course was ready for primetime.

  • The University of Tulsa

    Serving The University of Tulsa as the primary landscape architect for over 25 years, has afforded Howell & Vancuren with the opportunity to impact the majority of the 135-acre campus.

Solve the Problem

Design is the first priority in all Howell & Vancuren's service offerings, but not at the expense of feasibility. Every plan and design that Howell & Vancuren produces is done within the scope of the budget and limitations of the intended space.