As of January 1, 2021, Howell & Vancuren has joined Wallace Design Collective. We’re excited about this new chapter and look forward to continuing to serve you! Learn more about Wallace here.

Outdoor Spaces for Life

Since 1992, Howell & Vancuren has created outdoor spaces that are equal parts picturesque and purposeful.

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  • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

    Tucked away in the hills of Arkansas, this project provided the opportunity to make a smooth transition from manmade to natural landscape.

  • Southern Hills Country Club

    When the PGA Championship came to Tulsa in 2007, Howell & Vancuren ensured this historic golf course was ready for primetime.

  • The University of Tulsa

    Serving The University of Tulsa as the primary landscape architect for over 25 years, has afforded Howell & Vancuren with the opportunity to impact the majority of the 135-acre campus.

Solve the Problem

Design is the first priority in all Howell & Vancuren's service offerings, but not at the expense of feasibility. Every plan and design that Howell & Vancuren produces is done within the scope of the budget and limitations of the intended space.